11 Things you didn't know about our rise and recline chairs

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Isabella Williams

When you arrive at a Middletons showroom, you receive so much more than a simple rise and recline chair, you receive “The Middletons Experience”. Here are a few things that we take you through what you will simply not get when buying off the internet.

1. There are three different motors to choose from

We tailor your chair motor to your needs. There are three different types of chair motor so you can get exactly what you want out of your rise and recline chair.

The High Leg Lift Motor

The unique High Leg Lift motor is our best-selling motor that serves the needs of most people. This type of motor allows you to raise your feet above your hips, which is great for relieving several health ailments and pain issues.

The Dual Motor

The Dual Motor is unique because it allows you to control the back and footrest independently. This is perfect for people who like to keep the backrest of the chair vertical while raising the footrest. For safety reasons, this motor does not raise the feet above the hips.

The Wall Hugger motor

The Wall Hugger motor allows chairs to be placed as close to the wall as six inches. This makes them great for people with little space in their home. However, this type of motor cannot raise the legs above your hips.

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2. There are 9 different styles

Choose from 9 different chair styles to suit your tastes and preferences. We have classically traditional style chairs and contemporary styles, all equally elegant and beautiful.

The Windsor

Middletons Windsor Rise and recline chair

The Windsor combines the best of both quality and style, with a universally appealing look and incredible comfort. Transform your life – and your living room – with a beautiful handmade Windsor rise and recline chair. Three luxuriously filled cascading waterfall back cushions provide sumptuous comfort and tailor-made support that simply has to be experienced to be believed. Stylish scroll arms and piped wings bring an elegant look to grace any living room. View it here...

The Canterbury

Middletons Canterbury rise and recline chair

Sit in perfectly supported comfort with the timeless Canterbury. Beautiful wooden knuckles provide a tactile grip when rising and reclining. With its elegant waterfall back, the Canterbury has a beautiful look whilst offering a superbly supportive sit.

The three plump back cushions are cleverly contoured to follow the shape of your spine, giving excellent lumbar support for your lower back, helping you maintain good posture even over long periods, preventing painful pressure points that can cause aches and pains. The smooth wooden knuckles offer additional stability when sitting and standing and reduce wear on your upholstery. View it here...

The Richmond

Middletons Richmond rise and recline chair

The traditional good looks of the Richmond make it a timeless choice. It’s available with your preference of two types of motor.

The Richmond rise and recline chair has all the hallmarks of a traditional suite making it an ideal choice for those who prefer classic styles, with a slimline silhouette and button back plus, full wings for lateral head support. No detail has been neglected, from the plush padded back-cushion which provides superior comfort, to the elegant wooden knuckles that allow you to stand and sit with confidence. View it here...

The Balmoral

Middletons balmoral rise and recline chair

Like all our made to fit chairs, the Balmoral is available in a superb choice of colours and fabrics to suit your room. The Balmoral remains one of our most popular rise and recline chairs. With handsome good looks and a wide selection of luxurious materials to choose from, the Balmoral will compliment almost any decor. The sleek button back, soft seat cushioning and sturdy scroll armrests make it a practical and stylish choice that offers exceptional comfort. View it here...

The Hadleigh

Middletons Hadleigh rise and recline chair

Combining traditional wings and wooden knuckles with a more modern back style, the Hadleigh offers incredible comfort in an understated design. The Hadleigh offers a fresh twist on a traditional rise and recline chair, designed to complement both classic and contemporary settings. It features a clean and simple letterbox sculptured back cushion, which fits neatly between two classic wings. Finished with fine details such as beautiful piping which neatly trims the narrow armrests and easy-grip gleaming wooden knuckles which make sitting and standing simpler still. View it here...

The Brecon

Middletons Brecon rise and recline chair

Enjoy all the superb comfort and mobility benefits of a rise and recline chair in a beautifully modern style. If you’re looking for something a little different to the traditional riser recliner chair, you’ll love the contemporary styling of our Brecon Collection. With clean lines and an uncomplicated silhouette, they’ll look effortlessly stylish in any modern living room. A sumptuously plump back cushion, generous footrest, and chunky armrests give these chairs a level of comfort and support you won’t be able to resist snuggling into. View it here...

The Oxford

If you want a rise and recline chair that’s available for fast delivery without compromising on comfort, the Oxford is for you. The Oxford combines classic scroll-arm styling with an incredibly comfortable and supportive three-cushion waterfall back that mirrors the contours of your spine. Proudly made in Great Britain like all our chairs, the Oxford features a 10” powered headrest, powered lumbar support, and independent dual motors, which means you can position both your legs and upper body separately to find your perfect position. View it here...

The Bampton

With neat, cushioned arms and comfy waterfall back, the Bampton has lots of great features. Like all our classic chairs, the Bampton is available for delivery in 7-10 days. The Bampton offers a beautiful look and wonderful comfort for a fantastic price. The deep waterfall back is comprised of three hand-stitched cushions, which can be customised to your desired firmness, ensuring your chair delivers the right level of support for you. View it here...

The Edinburgh

If you’re unsure about investing in a rise and recline chair, the Edinburgh gives wonderful comfort and ease at superb value for money. You have to experience this rise and recline chair to appreciate just how comfortable it is for such a great value price.

The T-shape back cushions mould around your body for fantastic support. Put your feet up for complete relaxation - perfect for watching television, reading a book or enjoying forty winks. Perfect for sitting back and relaxing in. View it here...

3. You can purchase matching settees

Middletons rise and recline chair and sofe settee

We don’t just provide rise and recline chairs, we always want to offer that bit extra. Complete your living room suite with a matching settee to go with your new rise and recline chair. Now all your family member can gather around and enjoy the living room furniture too. Call us FREE on 0800 999 7482 to find out more.

4. You can get VAT exemption

We offer VAT exemption on our rise and recline chairs for qualifying customers. How do you know if you qualify? If you have a disability or a long-term illness and you intend to use the chair for personal use, you will qualify. You do not qualify if you are able-bodied and elderly.

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5. We offer up to a 25-year guarantee

You can be assured that our chairs will last for year and years with our up-to-25-year warranty guarantee. Call us FREE on 0800 999 7482 to find out more.

6. You can get it made-to-measure

Middletons rise and recline chair made-to-measure

We want to make furniture that fits your unique shape. That’s why we don’t just offer off the rack furniture. We will take the time to measure your body so that we can make a chair that’s perfect for you. Call us FREE on 0800 999 7482 to find out more.

7. Or you can get one in a standard size and get it delivered quickly

We also understand that you may need a mobility chair right away due to a sudden change in health or mobility. This is why we also supply classic rise and recline chairs for you to have right away. Read about both types here...

8. You can add heat and massage

Add a touch of luxury to your rise and recline chair by adding a heat and massage system. Heat and massage are proven to ease muscle and joint pain at the touch of a button. It will also help you relax after a long day. Click here to read more about what goes into our chairs…

9. They’re on sale

Middletons Big Winter Sale

As part of our Big Winter Sale, we’re offering half price off select recliner armchairs. Look out for all our sales in the future! Click here to find out more about our Big Winter Sale…

10. We offer Finance

We also offer finance options to help manage payments. Please call us on our FREE number to ask about options available and so we can work out a suitable plan for you. Read more about our finance partnership...

11. Our customers love our chairs

Need more convincing? Read the lovely things our customers have said about our chairs on these Trustpilot reviews. Click here to leave a review...


Middletons rise and recline chair trustpilot review

Middletons rise and recline chair trustpilot review

Middletons rise and recline chair trustpilot review

Middletons rise and recline chair trustpilot review

Middletons rise and recline chair trustpilot review

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