Find the Perfect Sleeping Position

Written by
Ben Kenny

An adjustable bed can relieve a wide range of symptoms, so whatever your preferences and problems, you can improve the quality and duration of sleep for that priceless well-rested feeling.

Each of our adjustable beds offers the same superb range of positions so you can find the one that’s perfect for you.

Soft Contour - Perfect for arthritis, back pain or simply a great night’s sleep

Also called the ‘zero gravity’ position as you do not experience excess pressure in any area and your weight is evenly distributed. Your spine is in its natural, gently curved position and your whole body is supported.


Elevated Feet - Perfect for heart problems, swollen legs and ankles

Raising your legs to the level of your heart allows for better circulation which can lower blood pressure. It’s a very relaxing position that can help soothe and reduce painful inflammation in the lower limbs.


Elevated Upper Body and Legs - Perfect for respiratory or digestive problems

Eases congestion to help you breathe more easily, and reduces the pressure on your throat that can cause snoring and sleep apnoea. It also helps keep heartburn and acid reflux at bay whereas pillows can be aggravating.


Side Sleepers - Perfect for people who struggle to sleep on their backs

Sleeping on your side can place a lot of pressure on your hips and cause your spine to kink. This position creates a gentle well for your hips, so the whole length of your body is supported and your spine is aligned.


Relax and Rise - Perfect for those who like to relax, read, or watch TV in bed 

Relax with a cup of tea and your favourite book or TV programme, and get in and out more easily. A touch of a button and you’re sitting up in perfectly supported comfort – no more wrestling with cushions!

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