Which bed base is right for me?

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Isabella Williams

Choosing the right bed is made up of multiple crucial decisions: What mattress to choose? What size of bed is best for me? One other important question is: What type of base should I get?

We understand that the amount of choice out there can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve created this guide to help you understand exactly what options are available, allowing you can make an informed decision.

We offer three types of divan bed bases at Middletons, read on to find the best one for you…

Luxury Divan

Luxury Divan Dual

Our Luxury Divan base is by far the most popular choice. Its regal-like elegance will make you feel and sleep like a king or queen, as well as fitting perfectly within any interior.

This bed base is made up of a four-part surround, including a headboard, footboard and two side panels. The footboard and headboard offer extra security and the mattress sits two inches below the side panels, providing a more secure mattress position.

This base is the essence of pure luxury, the extra padded sides provide superior comfort and plush sophistication.

This base is also completely detachable, so it’s really easy to assemble and reassemble. This base also has lockable castors as a standard, to prevent the bed from moving.

You can mix and match styles of header and footer and material to suit your unique interior and tastes. For your storage options, you can also choose the number of drawers that you want in your bed base.


Classic Divan

Classic Divan Single Middletons

The Classic Divan is our most affordable bed base and embodies a traditional divan. The base is split into two horizontal pieces (an East-West split), secured with a metal bar. This means you can easily move it around.

The k-frame sits in line with the bed base, this makes it easy to get in and out of bed.

The base of the Classic Divan is a simple padded base, with a removable headboard. Mix and match headboard shapes, fabric and castor types to make your ideal bed, that perfectly blends in with your tastes and interior. You can even choose the number of drawers that are installed in your divan base, offering you that classic divan storage space.

This bed is fitted with a metal retainer at the end, so that your mattress doesn’t move around, giving you a more relaxing and worry-free sleep.


Raised Divan

Raised Divan Single

The Raised Divan gives you all the comfort of a divan with the storage of a regular bed. This divan is made up of two vertical single beds (north-south divide) linked together with a large link bar. This makes it easy if you wish to part the beds.

The plush, padded divan will match any interior because it's simple, yet elegant. The divan base is supported with attractive polished wood skittle legs, for a classic look. The raised base means there is ample space to store all your belongings underneath, too.

Match your new electric adjustable bed with a removable headboard. Choose a fabric that perfectly complements your bedroom interior. You can get a full double headboard for a double divan, or if you want to separate the duel bed, you can have two separate headboards.

This bed is fitted with a metal retainer at the end so that your mattress doesn’t move around, giving you a more relaxing and worry-free nights sleep.

If you're interested in trying out any of these adjustable beds find your nearest store on our store finder.

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