Pocket Sprung vs Memory Foam Mattress - What Is The Difference?

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Emily Carver

Pocket Sprung vs Memory Foam Mattress - What is the Difference?

A good night’s sleep is essential to your health and mood. Research shows that 36% of UK adults struggle to get to sleep at least once every week. 

A prolonged lack of sleep can lead to focus issues, irritability and brain fog, resulting in longer-term low mood conditions like anxiety. Additionally, continuous bad sleep patterns could make you more prone to serious medical conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. 

Finding the right mattress is essential for setting your sleep up for success. There are a few different mattress types to choose from with the pocket sprung mattress vs memory foam being the traditional front runners. Both are great options and have their benefits and less positive features, so it is important to understand which is right for you. 

To help you get the most comfortable and relaxing sleep possible, we’ve created a guide to support you to understand the properties and benefits of a pocket sprung vs memory foam mattress.

Memory Foam Mattress

Hand pushing down on memory foam mattress

Material Properties

What is a memory foam mattress? Simply put, it’s man-made, viscoelastic foam that is pressure and temperature-sensitive. Interestingly, its original use was for aeroplane seats and before being utilised in hospitals to support patients’ spines and reduce the risk of bedsores. Since then it has hit the mass market and is commonly used for pillows and mattresses.

Support & Feel

What does a memory foam mattress feel like? Memory foam is activated by your body temperature and weight, so when you lie down the mattress will soften around the curvature of your body. Your weight is evenly distributed on the mattress which alleviates the stress on your pressure points. If you suffer from back or joint pain, a memory foam mattress could be a great option for you. 

Pros & Cons

We’ve covered some of the memory foam essentials but you may be wondering ‘are memory foam mattresses good?’. To help you decide if this is the right mattress for you we’ve listed some pros and cons.


  • Supportive As previously mentioned, a memory foam mattress moulds to the shape of your body, making it a great choice for people with back or joint problems.
  • Long-lasting Viscoelastic foam has been designed to stand the test of time and bounce back to its original shape.
  • Holds onto heat If you live in a cooler climate your mattress will help keep your body warm.
  • Shock absorbing If you sleep with a partner you won’t feel their movements as much due to the mattress’s energy-absorbing quality.
  • Hypoallergenic If you suffer from asthma, allergies or any respiratory issue, this mattress would be ideal as it does not collect dust.


  • Heat - Whilst this is a positive feature, it could be negative for some. Due to the mattress’ heat retention as it moulds to your body, making circulation more difficult. Not all memory foam mattresses will have this issue, so it’s best to check with your provider.
  • Sinking sensation - Some people may not like the sinking sensation as the mattress moulds around your body. If possible, it’s a good idea to try one out in-store before purchasing to understand your preferences.

Pocket Sprung Mattress

hands changing sheets on a pocket sprung mattress

Material Properties

What is a pocket sprung mattress? Pocket sprung mattresses are a new and improved version of the traditional spring mattress, made with 1,000 to 2,000 individual metal springs. Each of the springs moves individually from each other which makes it a much more comfortable alternative to the coil mattress. As each tiny spring move independently pressure only affects the spring in contact, this makes it a comfortable and supportive mattress option. 

Support & Feel

What does a pocket sprung mattress feel like? Similarly to memory foam, the pocket sprung mattress was also designed to provide targeted support for those with back pain and sore joints. The encased springs create a smoother feel than alternative types of sprung mattresses, providing better shock absorption. These mattresses are a great option for people who like a firmer feel with a bit of bounce. 

Pros & Cons

Now you’ve covered the essentials for both mattress types you may still be questioning ‘are pocket sprung mattresses good?’. The answer is, yes but it comes down to preference. To help you decide, we’ve shared the pros and cons. 


  • Cool Due to the springs, your body will sit on top of the mattress rather than sink into it. This supports circulation and helps you to stay cooler while you get a good night’s sleep.
  • Customisable When selecting your mattress you can choose from a range of different spring quantity options meaning you can select the one that feels right for you.
  • Helps Posture The individualised pocket springs distribute your weight and provide great support. This helps to reduce the pressure on your back and joints which can improve your posture. 
  • Shock Absorption Unlike other traditional spring mattresses, the pocket springs take the weight and impact where contact occurs. This is beneficial if you sleep with a partner and prevents you from bouncing every time they move. 


  • Bouncy Unlike memory foam, you won’t feel like you’re sinking into the mattress but rather like you’re lying on the top of it which can make it feel bouncier. This is down to personal preference and what may be a con to some will be a pro to others.
  • Maintenance With years of wear the springs of a pocket sprung mattress will eventually begin to sag. To combat this it is recommended to flip your mattress every few months which could be difficult for some.  

Which is Best for You? Pocket Sprung vs Memory Foam Mattress

Buying a new mattress is an investment for your comfort and your health, so it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons and how they affect your sleep style. 

At the end of the day, selecting a new mattress comes down to personal preference as there’s no clear answer of which is the best. When it comes to settling the debate of the pocket sprung vs memory foam mattress it’s important to choose what will work for your health requirements and comfort which will be different for everyone. 

Middletons is proud to offer both pocket sprung and memory foam mattresses compatible with our beds. If you have any questions please do get in touch as our knowledgeable team would be delighted to assist. 

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