Could a transit wheelchair improve your everyday life?

Written by
Helen West

Transit wheelchairs designed to be pushed by another person. They are also known as attendant wheelchairs, and are ideal for travelling and occasional use.

Easy to transport

Transit wheelchairs are sometimes called travel chairs, because they are built to be lightweight and compact. Many models are built with half-folding backs. This means they can be easily folded and placed in a car boot, or tucked away in a cupboard.

Some travel wheelchairs, like our lightweight aluminium chair, also feature footrests and handles that can be folded down to further reduce the size of the chair.


Most transit chairs are made using an aluminium frame, rather than steel. While this can increase the price, it means the chair is lightweight. Transit chairs also have smaller wheels than self-propel chairs, which further reduces the weight. The small wheels allow better manoeuvrability for the person pushing the chair, and make the chair easier to lift when it's folded.

Ideal for occasional use

Due to their lightweight nature, transit chairs are ideal for occasional use. Many people find that they sometimes feel tired or weak after walking for a long period of time, and find it reassuring to know that they have a wheelchair they can carry with them or leave in the car to be used if necessary.

Upper body weakness or disability

Finally, transit wheelchairs are the best choice for anyone who suffers from a disability that affects their upper body, or experiences weakness in their arms. If you are unable to push yourself, and will be using your wheelchair indoors or on smooth surfaces, a transit chair may the best option.

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