Could a Middletons product ease your arthritis?

By: Helen West,

Could a Middletons product ease your arthritis?

Arthritis is an incredibly common condition.

There are many different types of arthritis, and a wide range of symptoms. However, most sufferers will experience some degree of joint pain or stiffness.

Living with this pain can be a challenge, but there are ways of managing your arthritis.

A Middletons product could help ease your pain, and make daily living easier and more comfortable.

Rise and recline chairs

Rise and recline chairs can reduce the pain caused by arthritis in a number of ways.

At Middletons, all of our rise and recline chairs come with a rise function. By gently raising you to your feet and then lowering you back into a sitting position, this function makes sitting and standing effortless. It also minimises the amount of pressure that is placed on your joints.

If you experience swelling or oedema as a result of your arthritis, your doctor may recommend that you raise your feet above the level of your hips. Our high leg lift motor tilts your chair back, allowing you to elevate your lower body while maintaining a ninety-degree sitting position.

This position improves circulation and reduces swelling. It also supports your whole body, giving your muscles and joints a much-needed break.


Adjustable beds

In addition to providing a great night’s sleep, an adjustable bed can help improve the pain associated with arthritis.

Our adjustable beds allow you to find the position that is most comfortable for you, depending on where your pain is located.

Raising your upper body slightly can lessen the pressure placed on certain areas of your back. This is a good way of easing back pain. Similarly, adjusting the lower portion of the bed makes it easy to elevate your feet without the need for pillows or cushions, which can move around at night and cause discomfort.

Many people with arthritis find that their joints are stiffest first thing in the morning or late at night. At Middletons, you can choose your preferred type of mattress. A memory foam or latex mattress provides superior support and allows you to distribute your body weight evenly at night, taking the pressure off painful joints.

Walking aids

Joint pain or stiffness can cause people with arthritis to feel insecure or unstable when walking. Walking aids can help you get out and about and enjoy life, while also reducing your pain.

Middletons rollator and walking cane

Many of our walking sticks, like this swan neck walking stick, have contoured handles. The shape has been designed to spread the pressure over a wider area of your hand, which improves comfort for those who experience pain in their hands or fingers.

We also offer a wide selection of rollators and triwalkers that are suitable for people with arthritis. This lightweight rollator has been designed with ergonomically shaped handles and arthritic-friendly looped cable brakes, so you can use your rollator in comfort and with confidence.


If stiffness or pain in your joints means you struggle to move your hands, it may be worth considering a kitchen aid like our automatic can opener. By reducing your need to grip and twist, this can opener minimises the need for actions that can cause pain.

Arthritic pain can be debilitating. Investing in a product to help reduce your pain can make living with arthritis easier, by helping you stay mobile and allowing you to enjoy life once again.

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