How far do mobility scooters go?

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Isabella Williams

When people buy mobility scooters, one of the most frequently asked questions is 'How far do mobility scooters go?'

The maximum distance that you require depends on how far you travel. It also depends on how much you drive your scooter and how often you want to charge it.

For example, if you use your mobility scooter daily you might not want to charge it every day, therefore you will need a scooter with a much higher maximum distance.

Scooters are great mobility aids because they allow you to continue your daily tasks without needing extra assistance.

6 miles - The Discovery Plus Folding Scooter

The Discovery Plus Folding Scooter has a maximum range of 6 miles. This folding mobility scooter is perfect for getting that extra boost, for popping to the local shops or to a friend’s house. It’s folding capability means you can easily fit it in a car, making it perfect for travelling around on a family outing. If you use this lightweight folding scooter frequently, you might have to charge it quite regularly. Read more here...

8 miles – The Pathfinder Travel Scooter

The beauty of a travel scooter is that it’s perfect for putting in your car. You can take it anywhere and go for 8 miles on it. This is ideal if you use your scooter infrequently or for special outings. You could also use it for local trips around your village or town to run daily errands. Read more here...


10 miles - Pioneer Travel Scooter

Similar to the Pathfinder, the Pioneer Travel Scooter can be dismantled, put in a car boot and transported to your destination. With a 10 mile maximum distance, the Pioneer boot scooter goes a little further than the Pathfinder for when you go on your next adventure. You can also use it in your local area for day-to-day activities. Read more here...


12 miles – The Explorer Folding Scooter and The Pathfinder Plus Travel Scooter


We supply two mobility scooters that have a maximum distance of 12 miles. The Pathfinder Plus Travel Scooter is the most powerful of all our travel scooters (Read more here). The Explorer Folding Scooter (read more here) and the Pathfinder Plus Travel are at the top of the range for portable scooters, with a 12-mile maximum distance. These are perfect for taking in your car for outings and adventures, but also for travelling around your local area.

13 miles – The Wanderer Folding Scooter

With a 13-mile maximum distance, the Wanderer Folding scooter is the most powerful portable scooter you can buy at Middletons. As well as being able to travel up to 13 miles on one charge, you can fold this scooter into your car and take it anywhere. This scooter will give you more than enough miles to help you complete your daily tasks and enjoy outings with the family. Read more here...


20 miles – The Seeker Pavement Scooter

Our pavement and road scooters are a massive step up from the folding and travel scooters. These heavy-duty scooters are more powerful and designed for longer distances.

The Seeker Pavement Scooter will go for a maximum of 20 miles. As long as you stick to the pavement with this scooter, this will take you to the destination of your choice. This scooter is perfect for travelling further distances or a short distance many times a week. Read more here...


21 miles – The Journey Pavement Scooter and The Chase Road Scooter


We supply two scooters that have a maximum distance of 21 miles. The Journey Pavement Scooter (read more here) is ideal for more rigorous use, on pavement only. However, the Chase Road Scooter (read more here) is more suitable for the road. Go further with either of these two scooters.


25 miles – The Tracker Road Scooter

If you’re travelling on the road or you want to go a bit further than just popping around the corner to visit a friend, you can choose the Tracker Road Scooter. 25 miles is a huge distance to be able to travel in a mobility scooter with this you can really have the freedom to go where you please. Read more here...


26 miles – The Traveller Road Scooter                                                

At only 1 mile extra than the Tracker Road Scooter, the Traveller Road Scooter will also take you where you need to go. This road scooter is perfect if you want to travel far or if you take short journeys but more frequently. The benefit of having a maximum distance of 26 miles is that, conveniently, you don’t need to charge it as often. Read more here...

31 miles – The Cruiser Road Scooter

The Cruiser Road Scooter is the ultimate road scooter. At 31 miles it really goes the distance, this is the scooter with the longest distance. This huge range allows you to cruise down any road at your own leisure with no worries about having to charge it up regularly. Reminisce about that bike trip with the stylish road cruiser design. Read more here...

In conclusion...

We've created this scale because choosing a scooter really depends on what you want to use your scooter for and how often you'll be using it.

If you need a scooter that you want to easily fold up or dismantle for taking with you in the car, you can guarantee that it will travel a shorter distance than a road or pavement scooter. These will also need charging up more frequently, of course depending on how often you use your scooter.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to pop into your local Middletons or call us on 0800 999 2831.

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