Mobility scooters that fit in your car boot

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Helen West

The sun is shining again! As summer is drawing closer you might be thinking about where to go for your summer getaway or planning a family day out.

However, if you have mobility issues, standing or walking for too long might be exceedingly difficult or near impossible. One way to make things easier using a mobility scooter, which can be great for helping you get around in your local area. But what if you want to use your mobility scooter elsewhere?

We want you to have the freedom to roam anywhere you wish. With our Folding and Travel mobility scooters, you can do just that. Simply fold or dismantle them, fit them in your car boot and drive away.

Our portable and folding mobility scooters are specially designed to be super lightweight, giving you the peace of mind you need when travelling.

Here’s a breakdown of all our mobility scooters that easily fit in a car boot.

Our Folding Scooters

Our folding scooters fold and unfold with ease. In their folded position, they can be pulled behind you like a suitcase, making them easy to transport. These scooters also fit neatly into the boot of a car so you can take them wherever you like. You can lift them easily into your car because they are super lightweight.

The Quest Folding Scooter

With the Quest folding scooter, you can have a relaxing holiday or enjoy a family day out just like you used to. With its lightweight design and compact size, the Quest is the ultimate travel companion. The Quest Scooter folds with a single easy-fold action into a compact position. Once in this folded position, you can lift it to put it in your car boot or pull it along like a suitcase from A to B, making this scooter portable and flexible for your travel needs.

You don’t need any tools to fold this scooter, and the folding mechanism is incredibly easy to use. Watch the video to see for yourself. Just press the release catch on the base with your foot, fold down the back of the seat and pull the handlebars down to fold it.


The Quest Folding scooter only weights 4st. Because the frame weighs so little, you can easily lift it into your boot and take it with you on your travels.

Read more about the Quest here.

Discovery Plus Folding Scooter

This scooter's stand-out feature is its automatic folding system. With a single press of a button on the key fob, the Discovery unfolds on its own in less than twenty seconds. Watch as it unfolds all on its own!

Once folded, this lightweight mobility scooter fits neatly into almost any car boot. The frame has been specially designed to be light, so you'll be able to lift your scooter in and out of the car without any assistance. The total weight of this scooter is 3st, the lightest of all our boot scooters.

When you're ready to get the scooter out again, it will unfold itself back out in just the same way.


The Discovery Plus Folding Scooter’s specially designed wheels mean that once folded, the Discovery can be pulled along behind you like a suitcase. This gives you the flexibility and convenience you need when you’re on holiday or on the road for a family outing.

Read more about the Discovery Plus Folding Scooter here.

Wanderer Folding Scooter

The Wanderer Folding Scooter is one of our most compact scooters. With its 4st weight, the scooter design makes it perfect for travel because it can be easily lifted into a car boot.

This incredible scooter folds in just 12 seconds with a single action fold. This is our fastest automatic folding time, which is convenient for you.

Simply press the button on the remote control or use the buttons on the scooter tiller, and the Wanderer will fold itself up. It features a convenient carry handle, so it can be easily lifted into a car boot or wheeled along like a suitcase. This is perfect for taking on holiday or for a family day out because it’s so easily portable.

Read more about the Wanderer Folding Scooter here.

Our Travel Scooters

Alternatively, if you don’t fancy a folding scooter there is another option for transporting your mobility scooter. Our travel scooters can be taken anywhere you like by simply disassembling it into five pieces and fitting it easily into your car boot.

Gogo Elite Traveller Scooter

Don’t miss out on being outdoors or going on day trips ever again! The Gogo Elite Traveller Scooter is portable. You can fit it easily into the boot of your car by dismantling it in five lightweight pieces and you don’t even need any tools to do the job. And when you've reached your destination, reassembling it again is a breeze.

Get the flexibility you need to be independent with the Gogo Elite Traveller Scooter. It has a net weight of 5st, but if you would struggle to lift this in your car boot all at once, you can do it piece-by-piece.

Find out more about the Gogo Elite Traveller Scooter here.

Apex Rapid Travel Scooter

The Apex Rapid is the perfect companion to take on a road trip in the back of your car. The portable, lightweight chassis can be dismantled into 5 pieces so you can neatly stow them in the boot of your car. The scooter only weighs 6st, but because it can be dismantled, which means you’ll never have to hold all its weight at once.

You don’t need any tools to assemble and disassemble the Apex Rapid, meaning you won’t require any assistance to transport your new scooter in the car boot.

Read more about the Apex Rapid Travel Scooter here.


Whichever portable scooter you choose, each will give you the flexibility and independence to travel wider than your local area. Whether it’s a road trip, weekend break, family day out or a summer holiday, you can take your portable mobility scooter wherever you need.

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