The Frontier: The Lightest Scooter in the World

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Isabella Williams

We’d like to introduce you to the Frontier: the lightest boot scooter in the world. Being able to transport your scooter gives you more flexibility and the ability to stay mobile wherever you go. But what if you can’t lift your scooter into your car?

The benefit of boot scooters

The frontier scooter mobility boot scooter

A boot scooter can help you with this. Middletons’ Boot Scooters can be dismantled into five light-weight pieces which you can then lift into your car boot and reassemble at the other end. Furthermore, disassembly and reassembly are super easy as neither require tools.

Portable mobility scooters are ideal for travelling, using on family days out and all your other day-to-day tasks.

We know how being able to lift your scooter into your car boot can be life-changing. You’re able to take your scooter wherever you go and enjoy the freedom and mobility that only a boot or travel scooter can bring.

Compared to Road Scooters, they are less bulky. Although heavy-duty and larger scooters are good for going on roads and travelling longer distances you cannot transport them anywhere outside their battery range.

What’s so good about the Frontier?

So, what is different about the frontier? Well, it’s the lightest boot scooter in the world when it is disassembled. This will make it even easier to lift into your boot if you’re struggling.

What makes it so light?

The new generation Frontier scooter has been designed and manufactured to be light. It’s extremely lightweight aircraft-grade aluminium components combined with the exceptionally light but powerful lithium battery pack makes this scooter the lightest 4-wheel, car transportable, full-suspension scooter in the world.

We often get complaints that the batteries on mobility scooters are too heavy. The battery on the frontier is our lightest boot scooter battery. So it will be easy to lift into your car.

Lastly, when the scooter is disassembled the heaviest piece is only 9.9kg, making it super easy to lift into your car boot.

What about the Discovery Plus scooter?

The Discovery Plus Mobility Scooter

The overall weight of the Discovery plus weighs 3st 2lbs, making this our lightest scooter overall, not the Frontier. However, you might struggle to lift this all in one go into your car. Whereas the Frontier’s heaviest part weighs less than 10kg making it easier to manage.

Furthermore, you’ll notice that all our folding scooter do not have baskets. We know that for some of you having a basket is important to put your shopping, handbag or belongings in. The Frontier has a perfect basket to put your things.

To make the Discovery Plus lightweight, a wheel has been taken off. A three-wheeled mobility scooter is good for manoeuvring around shops as it has a smaller turning circle. However, some people might find that it feels more unstable compared to a four-wheeled scooter. For the stability, choose the Frontier.

Plus the Discovery only has a maximum distance of 6 miles whereas the Frontier will allow you to go further. You can travel up to 10 miles with the Frontier.

What else is good about the Frontier?

The middletons Frintier boot mobility scooter

Not only is it super light, but the Frontier is also super comfy with its advanced engineered adjustable front and rear suspension and luxury padded supportive seat guaranteeing you a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience.

Other great features include the uniquely designed shrouding which allows users of all heights (including taller users) a spacious and comfortable seating position. The easy-to-access tiller charger port, powerful front LED light and secure-grip tiller are all included as standard.

Get the Frontier in 4 new exciting colours including,

  • Capri Blue
  • Venetian Red
  • Oyster Grey
  • and our favourite, Midnight Purple.

To view the Frontier Scooter, click here.

Or be one of the first to test it out in-store, find your nearest showroom on the store finder today.

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