Getting Out and About this Easter Bank Holiday

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Isabella Williams

With the weather forecast for glorious sunshine this Easter bank holiday, it sounds like a fantastic opportunity to get out and about, enjoy the weather and spend time with the family.

Why is it good to get outside?

Fresh air and sunshine are good for the mind and body and what better time to get out than during the spring Easter celebrations.

Physical health

It is scientifically proven that getting outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air will boost your physical health. Not only are you getting exercise, simulating the blood flow and working your muscles, you are also receiving your daily dose of vitamin D which boosts your immune system. Natural sunlight also helps relieve pain.

Mental health

As well as helping your physical health, going outside also boosts your mental health. You will find that if you spend time outdoors your stress levels will decrease. Spending time in the sunshine and fresh air is sure to boost your mood!

Getting out and about the Easter Bank Holiday in the countryside.

Family time

The great thing about the great outdoors is that there is a lot of space. If you have a big family you might not want them to pile into your house every time they visit. To create memories and give the kids room to run around opt for an outdoor adventure.

Cultural enrichment

If you go for a day out that includes visiting a monument, you’re sure to get some cultural enrichment out of your outing. Experiencing history and culture is more engaging and rewarding than watching it on the tv indoors.

Fun activities you can do this Easter Holiday

If you’re stuck for ideas for what to do this Easter holiday here are some fun suggestions for you to help you get out and about and enjoy the gorgeous weather.

Go for a walk

Walks are a great way to get fresh air, be in nature and get healthy exercise. You can choose to go for a nature walk in the forest or along the beach. Alternatively, a walk around a town or city is a great way to see the sites and culture as well as getting fresh air.

Food and eating out

Now that the weather is nice and warm, why not treat yourself to a meal al fresco! This is a great activity to do with the family and a perfect way to celebrate this sunny Easter bank holiday.

Getting out and about with friends on scooter is always better.

Visiting friends and family

This weekend you might just want to visit your family or neighbour down the road. Getting out is great, but if you have a friend to do it with, it’s extra special.

Tourist attractions

This weekend is a great opportunity to visit that nearby attraction that you've always been meaning to do. Whether it’s the local castle, a National Trust house or the pier, you can get outdoors and enjoy the sunny weekend.

Having trouble getting out and about because of mobility?

If you are having trouble getting out and about or walking long distances, but you still want to enjoy the sunshine, a mobility scooter could be an excellent option to help you on your way. Here are some reasons why…

Mobility scooters enable you to get out for longer because they allow you to enjoy the outdoors without having to walk long distances.

They’re easy to charge and, depending on what you want to use them for, can go for miles. The lightweight folding scooter travels between 6-12 miles depending on the model, but for something more robust, for exploring the outdoors you can get a pavement or road scooter that goes up to 35 miles!

Our scooters are super lightweight. The fold-up scooters can be folded so that you can pull them like a suitcase. The detachable scooters can easily flat-pack and be transported to your next adventure.

Mobility Easter Offers

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-         Free 3 months insurance

-          Free scooter accessory

-          Free safety course

-          Free Delivery

-          Free Test Drive

-          Free in-store assessment

-          Free set-up and handover

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