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British Made with Pride

Every Middletons chair and bed is lovingly handmade by expert craftsmen right here in Britain from the finest materials.

From frame to fabric and finishing touches, we make each bespoke piece to order in 4-6 weeks, undertaking rigorous quality checks at every stage. So you can be sure that your furniture will not only look beautiful and supremely comfortable - it will stay that way for many years to come.

There are many reasons why we choose to keep things British...
and why you should too
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Quality Standards

Making our furniture in Britain means we can keep a very close eye on production and be sure that every piece meets our exacting standards. Each piece is made by hand and finished to a fine level of detail.

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A Great British Heritage

We're proud to be part of the design and manufacturing industries that have made Britain what it is today. Britain has a long history of leading in these industries and at Middletons we aim to uphold and continue in that great tradition.
Made using the best of British
It's not just our craftsmen that are UK-based. We use only the best British materials wherever possible for furniture of a quality that's a cut above.


You wont find low quality MDF or chipboard in our chairs or beds. We use kiln-dried British beech for its inherent strength; a hardwood that's well suited to the stresses and strains placed upon it in everyday use in a rise and recline chair or adjustable bed.



British Steel has a global reputation for being strong and reliable, due to the stringent manufacturing process ensuring there are very few impurities. Imported steel is often cheaper and may not be manufactured to the same standard and reliability.



Our fabric supplier is highly respected in the industry - and it shows. The fabric has a 'four-way stretch', providing not only extra comfort as you relax in your chair, but also durability too; our luxurious fabrics are designed to withstand an 30,000 intense rub test.



Our premium quality reflex high-density foam padding ensures our chairs and beds keep their shape and don't sag. Combined with supportive sepantine springs and optional memory foam, you've got an incredibly comfortable chair or bed that's designed to relieve pressure.

Taking care of our people

and our world


These days, it can be hard to know whether what you're buying has been produced in an ethical way that does not take advantage of workers. Where prices are surprisingly low it's often because somebody is paying a price somewhere down the line. British manufacture is bound by strict ethical standards so you can buy with peace of mind regarding the labour involved.

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Our furniture is not mass produced in a factory - it's made by hand using time-honoured techniques, by people who take pride in their work. Continuing to hand-craft our furniture in this way ensures these traditional skills are kept alive and well for future generations, and gives our craftsmen not just a job, but a vocation and a well-respected trade they can call their own for life.

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When you buy a chair or bed from us you can be sure it has not been flown half-way around the world! The same goes for the British materials we use, such as our kiln-dried Beechwood. And in an era where everything is disposable as people 'buy cheap' and chop and change with trends, investing quality furniture that lasts is both good for the environment and your bank balance.

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Supporting Our

When you choose to buy from Middletons, you are helping to create jobs here in Britain, and putting money back into our communities and economy as a whole. And because we buy British manufacturing materials where possible, when you buy from Middletons you're also supporting even more British businesses and industries.

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